Our Mission

Our mission is to advance equality and civil rights, with a focus on health justice, disability rights and environmental justice, through the power of community lawyering and partnerships with the private bar.

Our Approach
Through community lawyering, NYLPI puts its legal, policy and community organizing expertise at the service of New York City communities and individuals. NYLPI’s partnership with the private bar strengthens its advocacy and connects community groups and non-profits with critical legal assistance. NYLPI was founded in 1976 to serve the legal needs of underserved, underrepresented New Yorkers and their communities. What began as a small-scale staff working to link low income clients and organizations with attorneys willing to volunteer pro bono legal services has grown into an unparalleled resource for low income, community-driven legal representation.
Our Four Main Project Areas
  • NYLPI’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse maintains a network of over 80 law firms and corporate legal departments willing to volunteer their time to address the legal needs of New York’s underrepresented communities


  • The Disability Justice Program works to advance civil rights and ensure equality of opportunity, self-determination, and independence for people with disabilities. Our advocacy spans many areas, including housing, transportation, education, community integration, and equal access to programs and services in New York City.


  • The Health Justice Program works to bring a racial justice and immigrant rights focus to health care advocacy in New York City and State through representing immigrant  and  detained  individuals  with  serious  health  care  needs,  providing support  to community based organizations mobilizing on the ground, and seeking to eliminate racial and ethnic discrimination and systemic and institutional barriers that limit universal access to health care and impact the social determinants of health.


  • The Environmental Justice Program provides community organizing and legal assistance to low-income neighborhoods and communities of color that bear an unfair burden of environmental threats


Our Community Partners
  • The Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods (OWN)
    A citywide community-based coalition formed to address the common threat to NYC neighborhoods presented by waste transfer stations.


  • Southeast Queens United in Support of Healthcare (SQUISH)
    The mission of the SQUISH is to strengthen existing healthcare services in the community by raising community awareness about issues that affect the delivery of services and advocating against the reduction and removal of critical health services in Southeast Queens.