Health Justice

Health Justice

The Health Justice (HJ) program brings a civil rights and immigrant rights focus to health care advocacy in New York City and State. Our program uses a wide range of advocacy tools, including community organizing, coalition building, individual representation, impact litigation, and legislative advocacy, to advance four broad goals: (1) challenge health disparities, (2) eliminate racial and ethnic discrimination and systemic barriers that limit universal access to health care, (3) promote immigrant and language access to health care, and (4) address the social determinants of health so that all New Yorkers can live a healthy life.


Access to Healthcare:

UndocuCare: Improving access to healthcare for undocumented and uninsured immigrant New Yorkers with serious health conditions through connection to State-funded Medicaid.

Improving access to healthcare for immigrant detainees and those recently released from immigrant detention.

Advocating for removal of barriers to access to Medicaid and government assistance for LGBTQ individuals and sexual and reproductive healthcare for women in a variety of settings.


Phys Ed in Public Schools:

PE4All: Promotion of physical education in public schools through legislative and administrative advocacy, community engagement and parent and educator outreach. Successes include passage of Intro 644, a bill requiring comprehensive reporting of data on PE in NYC public schools!


Language Access to the NYS Health Plan Marketplace and Across New York State:

Ensuring access to the New York State Healthcare Marketplace is available in the applicant’s preferred language.  Campaign success: In November 2014, the NYSOH launched a Spanish language website.

Ongoing advocacy to ensure access to health care and government assistance is available in one’s preferred language.  Campaign success: Through a strong coalitional effort, the Governor signed Executive Order 26 a statewide language access policy.


North Central Bronx Hospital:

Campaign success: HJ worked with coalition partners to support the October 2014 re-opening of the labor and delivery service at North Central Bronx Hospital after it had been closed by the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation.


Social Determinants of Health:

Healthy Living Environments: Ensuring safe and healthy housing so New York City residents can lead healthy lives.