Trash Caps

The Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods (OWN)

NYLPI has worked with OWN for over a decade to address the unfair and environmentally unsound ways in which New York City handles waste. OWN is a city-wide coalition of community-based organizations that work together to minimize negative, waste-related impacts to the greatest extent possible and ensure that those impacts that cannot be avoided are fairly distributed throughout the City. Major successes include getting the City to adopt regulations governing the siting and operations of waste transfer stations, and the City’s 2006 passage of an equitable and environmentally responsible Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP).

Intro 495: Capacity Reduction/”Trash Caps”

New York City creates 35,000 tons of garbage every day.  Nearly three quarters of this waste is trucked to waste transfer stations in a small handful of neighborhoods where it is loaded into long-haul trucks and transported to distant landfills and incinerators.  This system pollutes our air, clogs our streets and highways, damages our roads, and significantly threatens our health.


Impacts are greatest in the three communities where transfer stations are clustered– the South Bronx, North Brooklyn, and Southeast Queens. The half a million New Yorkers living in these communities suffer significantly worse health outcomes than other neighborhoods in our city.
What Intro 495 will accomplish:

  • Decrease waste throughput in the three overburdened communities by 18% -a modest yet meaningful reduction
  • Protect all NYC communities from receiving and processing more than 5% of the city’s overall waste
  • Reward cleaner, greener facilities and reduce capacity in “bad actor” facilities


The Legislation 

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