ABC 7:  Know Your Surroundings, Buddy System: How to Stay Safe While Protesting 

April 23, 2021

Community Justice, News

NYLPI has a long-standing history of supporting organizers and activists who use raise their voices to advocate for justice. As protests against systemic racism and police violence and in support of racial justice continue across the nation, ensuring that protesters have information to help protect their safety is essential. NYLPI’s Legal Director Hayley Gorenberg recently appeared in an ABC 7 segment where she outlined tips to help ensure safety and protect your rights. Pointers include buddying up, wearing a mask, social distancing, considering turning off face or touch ID on your cellphone to protect your identity and information, knowing what free legal services are available to you, and remembering that the right to protest can include the right to video-record 

Access the full segment here. 

“Part of being safe can be buddying up,” said Hayley Gorenberg, the legal director of the New York Lawyers of the Public Interest.

She says being safe means wearing a mask and social distancing, and it also means knowing which free legal services are available to you.

“Organizations include the National Lawyer’s Guild, there is te Bail Project,” she said.

The NYPD is urging calm and has taken steps to avoid similar results as last year.

“We all remember what happened last May,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said. “We certainly don’t want a repeat of that. We also put our men and women through training. We are here to support protests.”

The right to protest also includes the right to record, according to the NYLPI.

“Turning off any kind of automatic opening or face or touch ID can be part of protecting your identity,” Gorenberg said.

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