AM-NY Quotes NYLPI In Lead Enforcement Story

May 9, 2019

Environmental Justice, Healthy Homes, Media Coverage, News

Cover of NYLPI's Lead Loopholes report shows peeling lead paint

AM-NY journalist Sarina Trangle quoted NYLPI’s Director of Environmental Justice, Rachel Spector, in a story on New York lead enforcement today. Rachel talked about “turnover abatement”, as part of new lead laws, when landlords are required to fix lead problems in apartments when tenants change.

“The turnover abatement is such a crucial part of Local Law 1 because that’s the way we eradicate the problem in the long term. The inspections are just sort of interim checks, preventative measures, but the abatement really is getting rid of the lead paint on surfaces, where we know it’s likely to be a problem,” said Rachel Spector, director of the New York Lawyers for Public Interest’s environmental justice program. “We’re working with Council staff to try to get these — to get more explicit provisions that address these issues into some of the bills that have been introduced.”

You can read the whole story here.

With our community partners, NYLPI recently co-authored a landmark report on lead poisoning, and Mayor Bill de Blasio credited our strong legal work and the report in announcing a roadmap for lead-free New York City, back in January. In March, City Council passed a slate of lead laws setting some of the highest standards in the country, and City Limits published an op-ed by Rachel and Senior Staff Attorney for Environmental Justice Christine Appah-Gymanfi on the subject.

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