Appellate Court Orders NYPD to Produce Body-Cam Footage of Fatal Police Shooting

March 31, 2021

Criminal Justice, Disability Justice, Health Justice, NYLPI v. NYPD, News, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response

Three New York Police Department vehicles parked in front of a building

As a result of NYLPI’s legal challenge, the New York Supreme Court has ordered the New York Police Department to produce virtually all body-worn camera footage of the fatal police shooting of Susan Muller in her home during a mental health crisis. The footage that NYLPI and Milbank LLP obtained in this case supports our campaign to implement non-police teams as first responders for people experiencing mental health crises. As we and our coalition partners have made clear, Ms. Muller needed health care, not an armed response. She called the police asking for medical assistance, and only eight days earlier, the police had taken to her to the hospital for mental health care — yet when they responded subsequently, police shot her less than a minute after arriving at her home. This is an important decision affirming the public’s significant interest in the full disclosure of body-worn camera footage of police shootings, with the ultimate goal of changing policy and saving lives.

You can read the full New York Supreme Court Appellate Division order here and the coverage by the New York Law Journal here.

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