BK Reader: Karina Albistegui Adler Says SUNY Downstate “Deserves Investment”

February 8, 2024

Disability Justice, Health Justice, Medical Access, News, Transplant Equity

Close-up on a masked surgeon who is operating on a patient that is out of view, with another surgeon's back to us as they look on.


Karina Albistegui Adler, co-director of Health Justice at NYLPI, was interviewed by BK Reader for a story regarding the medical ramifications of the proposed SUNY Downstate closure.

Per the article, 100% of its transplant services were provided to non-white patients last year. Doctors and advocates alike are concerned that the borough losing its only full-scale medical center would put undue pressure on other hospitals and resort in poor quality of care for its already underserved community members.

“It’s really a huge service that deserves investment rather than divestment at this point. It seems contrary to all of the other stated goals of health equity and addressing inequality in the health care system that the governor has put out there.” – Karina Albistegui Adler

Read more via BK Reader.

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