USA TODAY: Bodycams Haven’t Lived Up to Promises of Exposing Police Misconduct. One Reason: Police Decide What to Release

May 25, 2021

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NYPD car

Accessing and releasing body-cam footage has been a crucial part of NYLPI’s ongoing efforts to hold the New York Police Department accountable for its actions that harm our communities. Yet as USA TODAY notes in a recent article, though video footage plays a key part in efforts to change policing, we face a number of obstacles to obtaining body-cam footage. One of the largest issues: police departments hold significant authority over when and whether footage is released. As NYLPI Senior Staff Attorney Marinda van Dalen told USA TODAY: 

“The policies are described in this bold, audacious language. Then you find out that there are all sorts of exceptions and exemptions,” van Dalen said. 

She said the New York Police Department will quickly produce videos that validate officers’ actions and “shamelessly redact” others to the point of “misrepresenting the circumstances.” She said she’s seen endless delays in releasing video when “it’s pretty clear it’s been done to protect the department and officers from oversight.” 

Access the full USA TODAY article here and learn more about the importance of removing barriers to securing body-cam footage.  

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