Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Christopher Schuyler Featured in Story Regarding Britt v. MTA Ruling

June 21, 2024

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Christopher Schuyler, managing attorney in the Disability Justice program at NYLPI, was featured in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle regarding the ruling in favor of the plaintiffs in Britt v. MTA. Currently, the MTA does not offer paratransit users the same fare discounts available to subway and bus users.

“Access-A-Ride users, most of whom are of limited means, rely on Access-A-Ride to travel to their jobs, schools, and medical appointments, and to visit with friends and family. Extending these discounts – the very same discounts available to subway and bus riders – to Access-A-Ride will mean a real difference in the lives of people with disabilities who use Access-A-Ride.”

Subscribers can read more via Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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