Policing and Mental Health Crises

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NYPD bodywarn camera footage of the incident

Alternatives to Mental Health Crises Response and Policing Campaign

Each year, the New York Police Department responds to approximately 200,000 calls relating to people experiencing mental health crises. When police act as first responders for people in mental health crisis, further trauma, ineffective care and violence—sometimes deadly—result. In collaboration with our partners we seek to change the City’s response to people experiencing mental health crisis and remove the police as the first responders. We are organizing and collaborating with directly impacted communities and their supporters for policy and legal strategies leading to a more appropriate, comprehensive, and community-based response system.

Community Surveying Initiative 

NYLPI, in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Health Illness (NAMI), Voices of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL NYC) and the Correct Crisis Intervention Today Coalition (CCITNYC), are spearheading a community surveying initiative, which focuses on addressing the ongoing police brutality on community members in mental health crises.  

To learn more about the Community Surveying Initiative, click here.

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