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Environmental Justice, Save Our Compost

corner of a compost crate filled with green compost


It’s 2021, and NYC doesn’t yet have a fully functioning, sustainable, and equitable solid waste system.  We are still sending millions of tons of recyclable waste to landfills and incinerators, with negative consequences for climate change and pollution in our communities.   


  • Doubling down on “zero waste” policies and green infrastructure (rather than abandoning them in the name of short-term budget savings) 
  • Advocating to make sure that all​ New Yorkers can compost their food waste, regardless of what community or type of building they live in.  
  • Creating good, local jobs in composting and recycling sectors by diverting far more of our waste from landfills. 
  • Enacting policies to get more food to hungry New Yorkers before it ends up in a garbage bin and a landfill. 


  • Take action today! Ensure your building is participating in voluntary food scrap composting program and help us fight for universal composting services.  
  • Make sure your building or home signs up to participate in the City’s voluntary food scrap composting program.   
  • Tell the City Council to pass a bill setting a timeline to scale up to universal composting services including all businesses, NYCHA buildings, offices, and stores.

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