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Community Justice, L.P. v. NYC Dept of Education, Sports Equity

Image shows New York high school students and council member Antonio Reynoso lobbying for sports equity

On average, Black and Latino students in New York City have access to far fewer teams and sports, and the city spends much less per Black and Latino student than for students of other races. NYLPI’s sports equity campaign seeks to right this injustice, in partnership with the students themselves, along with educators, activists, and other advocates.

Advocates and students have pushed the DOE and PSAL to address this issue for years, and two years ago formed the Fair Play coalition to bring attention to disparities. Thousands of Black and Latino New York City public high school students attend schools that offer no team sports whatsoever, and Black and Latino students are twice as likely as students of other races to attend schools without sports teams.

NYLPI’s lawsuit, filed in June 2018, alleges violations of the New York City Human Rights Law, and seeks to level the playing field and create equal access to high school sports for all students, regardless of race.

NYLPI’s Pro Bono co-counsel in the lawsuit are Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler LLP and Emery, Celli, Brinckerhoff & Abady.

December 2021:

The settlement page and Notice to Class are now on our website here. View the PDF version of the Notice to Class here.

Recent milestones:

Black and Latinx NYC Public High School Students Win Expanded Sports Team Access. November 2021.

Advocates say schools chancellor talks a good game at town hall. January 2019. 

The Guardian covers sports equity suit. January 2019. 

NYLPI client challenges mayor Bill de Blasio over sports equity on WNYC. December 2018. 

Fair Play lobby day brings New York City public school students to city hall to demand equity in access to sports teams. December 2018. 

NY1 covers council testimony on sports equity. December 2018.

NYLPI files discrimination lawsuit against New York City Department of Education and Public Schools Athletic League Calling For Equal Access to School Sports. June 2018.

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