Christopher Schuyler Provided Testimony at MTA’s 2024 Capital Projects Public Hearing

February 6, 2024

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Photo: A person (back to us) stands towards the back of the MTA's Access-A-Ride bus

Christopher Schuyler, senior staff attorney, Disability Justice at NYLPI, provided testimony at the MTA’s Capital Projects public hearing on February 6, 2024.

“Hi. My name is Christopher Schuyler. I’m a senior staff attorney with the Disability Justice program at NYLPI. I am a person who stutters. Thank you for the opportunity to speak tonight on this important topic. I wanted to raise a few questions from my review of the Capital Projects listing.

My first is that I’ve noticed that there’s no reference to Access-A-Ride and I know that for Section 5307, it does include what says “complimentary paratransit service costs are considered capital costs.” So I’d like the MTA to explore to what extent these projects could fund Access-A-Ride improvements, of which there are many, including expanding the On-Demand Program, as well as increasing the number of accessible electric vehicles.

Another point that I wanted to raise was, with respect to on the Proposed Projects list, the mention of ADA projects is very vague, and I would request that there be more specificity given in terms of what types of improvements will be done and lastly, as others have spoken about tonight, we support Congestion Pricing and know its importance in passing, with the point of saying that exemptions for people with disabilities should be broad. Thank you.”

Read more about the projects and listen to Christopher’s testimony at the minute 20 mark here.

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