City & State: How New York Can Prepare for Flooding

July 29, 2021

Climate and Energy Justice, Environmental Justice, News

Picture of New York City subway station entrance

With recent flooding in the New York City subway system demonstrating how unprepared the city is to handle extreme weather conditions, New York’s climate resilience has jumped to the forefront of residents’ minds. City & State discussed the issue with multiple climate experts and activists, including NYLPI Environmental Justice Director Anthony Rogers-Wright 

Rogers-Wright centers his remarks on the intersection of racial equity and the climate crisis, with a reminder that the global climate crisis disproportionately impacts Indigenous, Black, Brown, and Asian peoples and people of lower socio-economic status. He explains that a sense of urgency and a prioritization of these hard-hit communities is at the forefront of successful response to the climate emergency. Rogers-Wright highlights New York’s proposed Climate and Community Investment Act as one route for holding polluters accountable; promotes the Pollution Justice Act, which would close all fossil fuel-burning peaker power plants within the next five years; and supports a public participation bill that would increase self-determination and local oversight during the permitting process for major projects.  

Access the full article here to learn more.  

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