City & State: Tackling the MTA’s Accessibility Problems

May 12, 2021

Access-A-Ride, Disability Justice, News

City & State recently focused on a plethora of accessibility issues that continue to plague riders of New York City transit systems. In addition to elevators at train stations that are often out of service or not installed at allthe article highlights continued issues with Access-A-Ride service. Most prominently, proposed changes to the current Access-A-Ride on-demand e-hailing service – including a 16ride monthly cap and $15 cap on ride subsidies – could drastically limit service to users.

NYLPI Access-A-Ride Organizer and Coordinator Eman Rimawi states that the proposed changes “would really not only hurt me personally but hurt my professional life if Access-A-Ride suddenly doesn’t work right or on-demand was suddenly gone… when I started at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest four years ago, on-demand wasn’t in place yet and I was taking traditional Access-A-Ride, and I was late the majority of the time.”

Access the full City & State article here. 

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