Felix Fishman Awards Luncheon

Established in 2003, the Felix A. Fishman Awards are given by NYLPI every year to recognize the work of community lawyers and advocates who demonstrate a commitment to expanding access to justice. We have recognized 40 honorees, to date. New York Lawyers for the Public Interest is grateful to the Henry & Lucy Moses Fund for endowing these awards in honor of Felix A. Fishman, who shared our dedication to using the law in service of others.

For more information, please contact NYLPI’s Development Team at [email protected].

Past Honorees:

2024 Chai Jindasurat-Yasui, Vice President, Policy of Nonprofit New York      
for his tireless advocacy for a vibrant and thriving nonprofit community touching the lives of all New Yorkers
  Dr. Caroline Rochon, Chief of Transplantation Surgery of SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
for her transformative role in enabling access to life-saving medical care for New York’s immigrant community.
2023 Beth Haroules, Director of Disability Justice, NYCLU
for her long history of fighting for the civil rights and civil liberties of people with disabilities
Maritza Silva-Farrell, Program Officer at the Ford Foundation
for her years of leadership building strong coalitions to win environmental, health, and worker justice
2022 The Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
for their work advancing LGBTQIA+ and immigrant justice
Raya Salter, Founder, Energy Justice Law and Policy Center
for her work advancing equity and environmental justice
2020 Carla Rabinowitz, Project Coordinator of Correct Crisis Intervention Today NYC (CCIT-NYC) and Advocacy Coordinator of Community Access
for her zealous fight to reform the City’s response to mental health crises and ensure that every New Yorker is treated with dignity and respect
for their work empowering youth to lead the charge for equity and justice in New York City schools
2019 Jota Borgmann, Senior Staff Attorney at Mobilization for Justice
for her work protecting the rights to freedom and self-determination for every New Yorker
Annel Hernandez, Associate Director of New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
for her dedication to equity and environmental justice
2018 Gene Russianoff, staff attorney and chief spokesman for the Straphangers Campaign, a New York City-based public transport advocacy group that focuses primarily on subway and bus services run by New York City Transit, and government reform advocate for NYPIRG, for his remarkable leadership in self-advocacy and his unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of New Yorkers with disabilities.
Dr. Joseph Shin, Co-medical director of Weill Cornell Center for Human Rights, for his advocacy for better health care for people in immigration detention.
2017 Bernard J. Carabello, Founder, Self-Advocacy Association of New York State
for his remarkable leadership in self-advocacy and his unwavering commitment to protecting the rights of New Yorkers with disabilities
Eric A. Goldstein, New York City Environment Director & Senior Staff Attorney, NRDC
his unwavering dedication to creating a sustainable and equitable New York City
2016 Sean T. Campbell, President, Teamsters Local Union No. 813
for his steadfast commitment to protecting the safety and health of his fellow workers and all New Yorkers
Amy Taylor, Legal Director, Make the Road New York
for her unwavering dedication to social reform, equal justice, and language access in New York City
2015 Dr. George Coritsidis & Dr. Ellena Linden, Elmhurst Hospital Center
for their innovative leadership improving the health of New York’s immigrant communities
Jennifer J. “JJ” Parish, Director of Criminal Justice Advocacy at the Urban Justice Center Mental Health Project, for her tireless dedication to the health and independence of all New Yorkers
2014 Nisha Agarwal, Commissioner, NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, for her leadership in the fight for social justice in New York City’s immigrant communities
South Bronx Unite
for its pursuit of equality and environmental justice throughout the South Bronx
2013 Steven Choi, Executive Director, The New York Immigration Coalition
for his outstanding advocacy on behalf of New York City’s immigrant communities
Jonathan Westin, Executive Director, New York Communities for Change
for his outstanding dedication to improving the lives of New York City’s underserved communities
2012 Marilyn Saviola, VP, Advocacy & the Women’s Health Access Program at Independence Care System
for her extraordinary leadership in advancing the independence of individuals with disabilities
Carolyn Silver, Director of the Legal Advocacy & Organizing Department of Lenox Hill Neighborhood House
for her outstanding advocacy on behalf of New York’s underserved communities
2011 Valerie Bogart, Director, Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program at Selfhelp Community Services, Inc.
for her outstanding advocacy on behalf of low-income seniors and people with disabilities
Theo Oshiro, Director of Health Advocacy and Support Services, Make the Road New York
for his exceptional advocacy on behalf of immigrant communities in New York City
2010 Eddie Bautista, Executive Director, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
for his outstanding leadership in advancing environmental justice
Kim Sweet, Executive Director, Advocates for Children of New York
for her exceptional commitment to equal educational opportunities for all children
2009 Dr. Neil Calman, President and a Co-Founder of the Institute for Family Health
for his inspiring commitment to access to healthcare for all
Cliff Zucker, Executive Director of Disability Advocates, Inc.
for his extraordinary advocacy on behalf of people with disabilities
2008 Helene Craner, Associate Director of Resources for Children with Special Needs
for her outstanding advocacy on behalf of children with special needs
Sarah Ludwig, Co-Director of Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project
for her exceptional service on behalf of low-income communities
2007 Mary McKinney, Chair of the Concerned Residents Organization
for her outstanding leadership in seeking justice for her community
Raun Rasmussen, Chief of Litigation and Advocacy of Legal Services NYC
for his unwavering commitment to ensuring access to justice for all
2006 Juan Cartagena, General Counsel of the Community Service Society
for his unwavering commitment to the defense of civil rights
Ngozi Moses, Founding Executive Director of the Brooklyn Perinatal Network, Inc.
for her outstanding advocacy to improve health care for women and infants
2005 Gregory Williams, President of The City College of New York
for his outstanding leadership in the struggle for racial equality
Maya Rodriguez, District 75 Inclusion Coach
for her outstanding advocacy on behalf of children with disabilities
2004 Stanley Nelson, documentary filmmaker and Executive Director of Firelight Media
for using film to further the cause of social justice
Eva Paterson, Executive Director of the Equal Justice Society
in recognition of her leadership and deep commitment to social justice and civil rights
2003 Rita Martin, Executive Director of the Consumer Advisory Board
for her strong advocacy on behalf of people with developmental disabilities
Herbert Semmel
for his dedication to public service and deep commitment to the promise of ensuring civil rights for all

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