Fortune: Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright On the Unknown Risks of Carbon Capture Systems

May 15, 2023

Climate and Energy Justice, Environmental Justice, Local Law 97, Media Coverage, News


Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright, director of Environmental Justice at NYLPI, was featured in a story about how NYC developers are installing carbon capture systems to dodge Local Law 97 fines.

The story explains that carbon captures involves stripping out carbon dioxide from buildings’ boilers before it is released into the air as greenhouse gas emissions. In this process, the carbon dioxide is directed into tanks and then sold to companies that make carbonated products.

“Carbon capture doesn’t actually reduce emissions; it seeks to put them somewhere else. The emissions still exist. And we should be clear that the only way to reduce emissions … is to stop emitting.” – Anthony Karefa Rogers-Wright

Storing concentrated carbon dioxide under a residential building is worrisome, because “in the case of Mississippi, people weren’t actually living right on top of it. We’re talking about big buildings here in New York City. So the risks are unknown, but they certainly are apparent.”


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