Listen: NYLPI’s Anthony Rogers-Wright on White Supremacy in Environmentalism

August 20, 2021

Climate and Energy Justice, Environmental Justice, News, Racial Justice

A climate protest sign that reads "The climate is changing, so should we! #ActNow"

Anthony Rogers-Wright, NYLPI’s Director of Environmental Justice, spoke with Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman on the radio program By Any Means Necessary to discuss the legacy of white supremacy in environmentalism and its manifestation at the Sierra Club, how anglocentrism obfuscates the culpability of the Global North in the climate crisis, and how white-led environmental activism tends to only target the symptoms, rather than the root structural causes, of climate change.

Listen to Anthony’s segment below, or listen here.

Learn more about NYLPI’s Environmental Justice program here.

Listen to “How White Supremacy and Saviorism in Environmentalism Impedes Climate Advocacy” on Spreaker.

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