Madison Pinckney, Awarded the Keller Fellowship at Duke Law School, Will Work at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest

May 20, 2024

Disability Justice, Health Justice, Media Coverage, News, Special Education

Madison Pinckney, class of 2024 at Duke Law School, has been awarded their Keller Fellowship and will work at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest for one year. Her area of focus will be ensuring that students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations for, and appropriate access to, their studies.

Madison is a person living with Lyme disease, who herself was denied the supports needed to to access higher education.

“When I finally felt well enough to come [to law school], I recognized that’s not a common experience for everyone with a disability. Not everyone has the opportunity to feel well enough or have enough resources to go to law school, so I wanted to ensure that part of what I was doing — because I wanted to focus on disability rights — was increasing accessibility of higher education. This made the fellowship placement the perfect fit for me, because it was a hole in their project that they wanted me to fill. Everyone should be able to access higher paying jobs that require a degree or an advanced degree, especially with how heavily the U.S. job market places demand on having those. In New York City, where I’ll be doing this work, for those who are physically able to work with their disability, only about 33% do. A piece of that puzzle is making higher education more accessible.”

Read more via Duke Law.

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