Mental Health Care Action Plan Presented to Mayor-Elect Eric Adams’ Administration

December 8, 2021

Criminal Justice, Disability Justice, News, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response

Text: From neglect and abuse to healing communities, a mental health action plan for new york city.

Recently, NYLPI and the Coalition for Rights-Based Mental Health Care created a proposed action plan for Mayor-Elect Eric Adams‘ incoming administration.

Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous, and other people of color bear the heaviest burdens of NYC’s dysfunctional mental health service system. Our proposed plan for the administration’s first 100 days focuses on equity, individual empowerment, and community support. NYLPI and the coalition implore the Mayor-Elect to take radical action to transform mental health response in NYC.

Key points of the plan include:

  • Provide Rights-Based, Person-Centered Mental Health Services
  • Divert People with Mental Health Concerns from the Criminal Legal System
  • Bring Support Services into Homes and Local Communities
  • Overcome Homelessness
  • Eliminate Unemployment
  • and Transform Mental Health Crisis Responses

Read the full proposal on NYLPI’s website.

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