New York Times: Karina Albistegui Adler Responds to Op-Ed Writer, Urges Transplant Equity with Regard to Kidney Transplant Discussion

April 22, 2024

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Close-up on a masked surgeon who is operating on a patient that is out of view, with another surgeon's back to us as they look on.


NYLPI Co-Director of Health Justice Karina Albistegui Adler‘s guest opinion essay was included as one of six responses to We Should Be Allowed to Sell Our Kidneys,” an op-ed in the New York Times by Dylan Walsh.

“Even though undocumented people can and do donate organs, far too many of the undocumented, Black and low-income clients we serve with severe renal disease are unable to receive treatment at transplant centers run by private hospitals, despite many of them being excellent medical candidates for a successful transplant. It would be grossly unethical for our government to encourage them to sell their organs when they receive far less than an equitable share of needed organs.”

Read the full essay in the New York Times.

Learn more about NYLPI’s Transplant Equity efforts.

Read “They Can Donate But They Can’t Receive,” a report by NYLPI’s Health Justice program which documents the many barriers immigrants face receiving life-saving organ transplants.

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