New York Times: NYLPI’s Maureen Belluscio On the Scarcity of Accessible Housing for New Yorkers with Disabilities

October 31, 2023

Disability Justice, Fair Housing, News

The red brick facade of a New York City building, with many fire escape stairs visible. The angle is looking up at the building, as if from the street.


Maureen Belluscio, senior staff attorney, Disability Justice, NYLPI, was featured in a New York Times story about the large number of landlords in New York who refuse to pay for essential components of accessible housing, such as remote-controlled door openers and door frames large enough to fit electric wheelchairs.

The story features several tenants who have experienced a myriad of unfair barriers to accessible and affordable housing.

“Even newly constructed or newly renovated buildings may not have met all of the design and construction requirements that are required by the Fair Housing Act and other laws. And even if they do, they may also be required to provide reasonable accommodations based on an individual person’s rights.” – Maureen Belluscio, a senior staff attorney, Disability Justice, NYLPI

Learn more via New York Times.

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