Newsweek: NYLPI and Seton Hall Study Cited in Story Regarding Philadelphia’s Medical Deportation Bill

March 1, 2024

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Close-up on a masked surgeon who is operating on a patient that is out of view, with another surgeon's back to us as they look on.


Philadelphia is the first city to enact a law that would ban hospitals from “medical repatriation,” or the forced deportation of undocumented medical patients to their country of origin.

NYLPI and Seton Hall University School of Law’s 2012 study was included in this Newsweek story:

A December 2012 study published by the Seton Hall University School of Law and the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest found that over 800 migrant patients had been involuntarily repatriated from hospitals in 15 different U.S. states in the U.S, assumed to be a “severe undercount given that there is no legal requirement that hospitals report medical deportations.”

Read more via Newsweek.

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