NY Daily News: NYC’s PSAL to Open Access to All 25 Sports to Every High-Schooler Citywide by Spring 2023

September 25, 2022

Community Justice, Education, Environmental Justice, News, Sports Equity

Students and organizers hold up signs in favor of sports equity.


New York Daily News reports that the Public School Athletic League will grant every high school student access to all 25 sports by spring 2023 — a first for NY Public Schools. The “individual access” initiative means students will be able to try out for teams at nearby schools, ensuring that even if they don’t have a particular sport at their school, students can play their chosen sport. Individual access will begin this year, expanding citywide by next spring. Sonya Chung, NYLPI attorney representing the plaintiffs, said the plan is “amazing… on paper,” expressing concern that “equitable implementation” is most important;

“We’re looking to avoid the well-resourced schools getting access to this program first.”

Read more at NY Daily News.

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