NY1 Covers Council Testimony on Sports Equity

December 7, 2018

Community Justice, L.P. v. NYC Dept of Education, Media Coverage, News, Sports Equity

Screen shot of NY1 coverage shows NYLPI legal director Hayley Gorenberg talking at city hall to a reporter from NY1

New York One covered NYLPI’s testimony at a city council hearing on sports equity issues on December 3.

Here’s the story:

That same afternoon, Colin Kaepernick’s organization, Your Rights Camp, gave a shoutout to our Fair Play students for lobbying on Councilmember Antonio Reynoso’s bill:

Image shows a tweet by NYLPI, thanking Colin Kaepernick's organization for giving our high school students a shoutout

You can get to the Instagram post via our Twitter post. And in New York, you can take action today by writing your councilmember about the issue. 

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