NYLPI Celebrates Latinx/e Heritage Month

September 26, 2022

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A woman holds up a sign that says "No More Deportations." Text reads: Celebrating Latinx Heritage Month.

Photo by Cindy Trinh.

September through October is Latinx Heritage Month. For too long, our Latinx/Latine and immigrant neighbors have been dehumanized and denied access to the benefits necessary to achieve security and stability — the promise of which is embodied in New York’s legacy of being a sanctuary for immigrants. We are witnessing the boldness of this dehumanization as Southern states send migrants and asylum seekers to New York and other major cities without coordination of resources.

This humanitarian crisis is not a new one, and NYLPI has been on the frontlines of working with our immigrant neighbors to provide legal assistance and education, including resources for TGNCI+ New Yorkers, to combat the abuses in immigration detention facilities and to advance access to healthcare. NYLPI understands that celebrating Latinx/Latine Heritage is more than a month, it is an ongoing commitment to ensuring that all who arrive in this city and country receive the humanity and freedom they seek.

Learn more about NYLPI’s commitment to Immigrant Justice here.

Find bilingual health resources here.

Learn about Undocucare and Undocucare TGNCI+ here.

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