NYLPI Discusses the Growing Public Health Crisis in Immigration Detention with Univision 41

May 27, 2020

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NYLPI’s Health Justice Community Organizer, Mia Soto, spoke with Univision 41 last week to discuss and highlight the national public health crisis in immigration detention centers. As Mia stated, this crisis has become even more urgent during the pandemic. Detention centers are overcrowded, unsanitary & dangerous. That’s why in our recently released report on this topic, Still Detained & Denied, we recommend the release of people from immigration facilities. The virus risks the physical and mental health of detained immigrants, independent of age or underlying conditions.

You can watch the Spanish interview with Mia and Univision’s Rafael Bello here.

May 20, 2020

¿Cuál es la situación que se vive en centros de detención de ICE en tiempos de coronavirus?
Mía Soto, organizadora de New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI), asegura “a través de nuestro trabajo estamos viendo un empeoramiento de la crisis nacional de la salud pública en estos centros de detención”. Afirma que dichos lugares “están sumamente poblados, antihigiénicos y son peligrosos. Por eso recomendamos la liberación de personas, porque este virus está poniendo en riesgo la salud física y mental de todos los inmigrantes detenidos ahí.”

English Translation

What is the situation in ICE detention centers in times of coronavirus?
Mia Soto, organizer of New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI), assures “through our work we are seeing a worsening of the national crisis in public health in these detention centers.” She affirms that these places “are highly populated, unsanitary and dangerous. That is why they recommend the release of people, because this virus is putting the physical and mental health of all the immigrants detained there at risk. ”

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