NYLPI Joins Health Cohort of New York City Council’s New Arrivals Strategy Team

April 17, 2024

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Healthcare Is For You!

NYLPI has been named as part of New York City Council’s New Arrivals Strategy Team as part of their Health Cohort, alongside many mission-driven organizations in the City.
“Today, New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams announced the members and structure of the New Arrivals Strategy Team, a diverse set of experts to improve the overall response to the recent immigration of our newest New Yorkers by developing solutions that promote their successful integration and economic contributions to communities across the five boroughs. The team includes a cross section of veteran city government leaders, immigrant New Yorkers with direct experience, non-profit leaders, service providers, and funders. First announced at Speaker Adams’ 2024 State of the City, the New Arrivals Strategy Team will aim to evaluate the government and non-profit response to this latest wave of migration and identify shared priorities for immediate action and long-term planning to best integrate newcomers and improve supportive services for all New Yorkers.”
Read the full press release here.
Photo: Graphic from NYLPI Health Justice and CUP‘s UndocuCare TGNCI+ resource in Spanish and English, Healthcare Is For You!

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