NYLPI Makes Environmental Justice Recommendations to Biden-Harris Administration with National Alliance

December 14, 2020

Climate and Energy Justice, Coronavirus, Environmental Justice, News

Following a powerful call to action issued by NYLPI and more than thirty civil rights activists, environmental justice groups, advocates, and community partners, that alliance has released specific steps the incoming Biden-Harris administration should take on the first day, in the first 100 days, and within the first year of the new presidency.

The document outlines key executive and legislative actions the new administration should prioritize to ensure that environmentally overburdened BIPOC and low-income communities have a meaningful say in decisions affecting their health and welfare; to correct long-standing practices that have deprived people of the right to determine their own economic, political and cultural futures; and to address racial, ethnic and income-based inequalities in exposure to pollution that have led to disparities in health, welfare, and life expectancy. NYLPI and its fellow signatories made specific recommendations that will move the country closer to the constitutionally guaranteed promise of equal protection before the law to achieve environmental justice.

Senior Staff Attorney Melissa Iachan, who works with many of the individuals and groups who joined the document, said, “We must take advantage of the opportunity to shape this next page of our country’s history. There are many harms to undo, but this isn’t only about going back; this is about moving forward and the opportunity to reframe policies with equity and justice being more central than they have been at any point in the past.”

You can read a PDF version of the call to action here.

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