NYLPI Launches Telehealth Accessibility Survey

March 25, 2021

Disability Justice, Health Justice, Medical Access, News

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In consultation with disability rights groups and other allies, NYLPI has launched a Telehealth Accessibility Survey to highlight how people with disabilities experience telehealth — video, phone, and other electronic information technologies to provide remote health care when an individual and health care provider are not in the same place at the same time. The survey seeks to identify any barriers to access, and assess the impact of any identified barriers.

This survey will provide NYLPI with important baseline data from which we, in collaboration with the larger disability community, can devise appropriate strategies to inform further work. We will use input and data from community members to shape our advocacy efforts for a more accessible, equitable, and inclusive telehealth care system.

NYLPI has a long history of working to ensure medical access for all New Yorkers and, from the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we have persistently advocated to address the medical access barriers people with disabilities  continue to encounter during the pandemic. We are committed to continuing our work to achieve equal access, equal opportunity, and self-determination for people with disabilities.


If you have a disability and you live in the New York City area, please fill out this short survey.


Click the link below to access and complete the survey. It will take approximately 12 minutes to complete. All responses are confidential. We very much appreciate your sharing your experiences. Thank you for your support and participation in this important effort. 



We would like to say thank you to our allies and community members for sharing their input and experiences with us throughout the course of this project. We are also immensely grateful to Christina Sparrock and Jose Hernandez for their feedback and comments on the design and content of this survey.

Learn more about our work in the areas of Disability JusticeHealth Justice, and Medical Access. 

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