NYLPI on CLE Panel Covering Medical Access Issues Experienced by People with Disability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

December 18, 2020

Coronavirus, Disability Justice, News

Maranda Reynolds works alongside Dr. Augustus Mazzocca within full visual contact to a deaf patient, insuring uninterrupted medical communication access between doctor and patient on February 24, 2012. (Tina Encarnacion/UConn Health Center Photo)

People with disabilities are among the most at risk during the COVID-19 pandemic – not only due to increased vulnerabilities to the virus itself – but also because of barriers to medical care specifically affecting people with disabilities. As the CLE, “Providing Equal Access to Medical Care for Individuals with Disabilities, Even in the Time of COVID,” hosted online by the New York City Bar Association on December 3, 2020, discusses, these barriers range from discriminatory medical care allocation decisions to ineffective patient-doctor communications due to lack of American Sign Language interpreters and overly-restrictive no-visitor policies. As panelist and Senior Staff Attorney with the Disability Justice Program Christopher Schuyler explains, implicit biases held by medical providers are another barrier and lead to inadequate and discriminatory medical care delivered to people with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members of the New York City Bar Association can view the CLE at no cost: Providing Equal Access to Medical Care. Non-members can view the CLE for $49.

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