NYLPI Statement on SCOTUS Ruling in 303 Creative vs. Elenis

July 7, 2023

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A glaring sun sets over the New York City skyline.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in 303 Creative vs. Elenis is a troubling blow to the basic tenet that the state has a duty protect all individuals from discrimination, segregation, and exclusion in spaces serving the public. Going forward, we must ensure that the Court’s new exemption to nondiscrimination laws remains as narrow as possible.   

Far too many of NYLPI’s clients have faced discrimination based on gender identity, sex, race, disability and national origin, and some have immigrated to the United States after experiencing horrible violence in their countries of origin because of their gender identity, sexual orientation or disability. We must not let an unelected, ideological court erode the progress our nation has made toward lived equality.

Guided by our community partners and clients in NYLPI’s UndocuCare TGNCI+ program, we remain committed to ensuring that LGBTQ+ people in New York City and State can live and thrive free of discrimination, harassment, and violence. Despite ongoing actions from the Supreme Court and state legislators which attempt to deny the very existence of gender-diverse folks, NYLPI remains inspired and motivated by the organizers and community members we work with, who for generations have fought to ensure that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of race, income, or national origin, or disability. We envision a world where all people can safely and easily secure the resources we need to thrive.

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