NYLPI Urges Department of Sanitation to Include Waste Equity in Commercial Waste Zone Proposals

December 1, 2021

Climate and Energy Justice, Environmental Justice, News

A pile of trash featuring various cans, coffee cups, and takeout boxes.

The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) has taken the next steps towards implementing Commercial Waste Zones. It has been almost two years following Mayor Bill de Blasio’s legislation establishing the creation of Commercial Waste Zones, which aim to “create a safe and efficient system to collect waste from NYC businesses and provide high-quality, low-cost service while advancing the City’s zero waste goals.”

On the day these next steps were announced, NYLPI submitted comments to the DSNY hearing commending the movement towards greater equity while making specific recommendations on how decision-making can maximize the positive impact of Commercial Waste Zones. Policy Director Justin Wood‘s testimony emphasized achieving Zero Waste by 2030 and ensuring all processes are equitable and transparent:

“In addition to aggressively negotiating with the waste companies bidding to ensure that they’re building the right facilities and investing heavily in customer education, we would urge the city and sanitation department to continue to look for ways to ensure that independent and expert waste auditors are available to every commercial customer.”

Read Justin Wood’s testimony here.

Read DSNY’s Press Release on Commercial Waste Zones here.

Find additional coverage on Waste Dive.

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