NYLPI Warns That Increased Asylum Restrictions Are A Health and Accessibility Hazard

December 14, 2023

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Image of protestors holding signs saying "Immigrants make America Great"

NYLPI warns that increased asylum restrictions are a health and accessibility hazard for people seeking refuge in our country: Pres. Biden and Democrats must not cave to Republican pressure to pass foreign spending bills. 

NYLPI is extremely concerned by recent reports that the Biden Administration and Democratic Senators may cave to Congressional Republicans’ extreme anti-immigrant agenda in exchange for continued foreign aid. Among other demands, Republicans want to further restrict the right to seek asylum at our borders, force asylum seekers to await their day in court outside the U.S., and expand expedited removal, a fast-track deportation mechanism that deprives asylum seekers of their due process. These cruel, Trump-era policy changes would disproportionately impact the populations NYLPI serves, including immigrant communities of color and those who have survived extraordinary trauma based on their gender, perceived sexual orientation, and/or HIV status.

Through our Immigrant Health Justice work, NYLPI has seen how existing asylum policies and restrictions have compromised the health and safety of people with disabilities and those with serious medical conditions. Further curtailment of the right to seek asylum would intensify these devastating effects. We, as a nation and as New Yorkers, should be welcoming brave and vulnerable asylum seekers, not using their lives as bargaining chips in a flawed political process. As a proud New York based advocacy organization, NYLPI strongly urges the Biden Administration to reverse course immediately and calls upon Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to act in accordance with our New York values and honor our commitments to people seeking safety in this country.  

Learn more via Welcome with Dignity.

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