NYLPI Wins NYPD Administrative FOIL Appeal Against NYPD

November 5, 2020

Criminal Justice, Disability Justice, Health Justice, NYLPI v. NYPD, News, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response

Three New York Police Department vehicles parked in front of a building

As part of its critical campaign to change the response system for mental health emergency calls in New York City, NYLPI requested all documents related to the New York Police Department’s former “Behavioral Health Diversion Pilot Program,” pursuant to New York’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). The purpose of the Staten Island Pilot Program was to re-route 911 calls dealing with “emotionally disturbed persons” from the NYPD to NYC Well, and the Pilot could well serve as a model non-police mental health crisis response, for which NYLPI and its coalition partners are advocating. The NYPD denied the original FOIL request, but granted the appeal the day after NYLPI, with extensive help from CUNY Law Student Vanessa Fiore, submitted it. The NYPD records officer now must provide the requested documents to NYLPI within 90 business days.

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