NYPD Ordered to Respond to NYLPI’s Lawsuit for Footage of Police Shootings of New Yorkers Experiencing Mental Health Crises

December 17, 2020

Criminal Justice, Disability Justice, Health Justice, NYLPI v. NYPD, News, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response

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Judge Eileen A. Rakower of the New York State Supreme Court denied the New York City Police Department’s motion to dismiss NYLPI’s lawsuit and scheduled the litigation to move forward under New York’s Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). As part of NYLPI’s campaign to remove police as first responders for people experiencing mental health crises, NYLPI’s litigation for body-worn camera footage of police killings has exposed the tragic and needlessly violent consequences of police interventions. This newest litigation seeks unredacted footage of the police shootings of Kawaski Trawick and Michael Cordero. Milbank LLP is NYLPI’s co-counsel. NYLPI advocates for first responders who are emergency medical technicians and peers who have themselves experienced mental health issues, and not law enforcement.

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