Op-Ed by Karina Albistegui Adler Featured in New York Daily News: “Consider the vital care this hospital provides”

February 3, 2024

Disability Justice, Health Justice, News, Transplant Equity

NYLPI and Make the Road NYC Transplant Equity Event

Karina Albistegui Adler, co-director of Health Justice at NYLPI, penned a letter to the editor in response to a recent editorial regarding plans to “drastically shrink” SUNY Downstate’s University Hospital in Brooklyn.

“Historically, biased listing criteria, including race-based algorithms, have resulted in the exclusion of low-income and Black/African-American people from receiving kidney transplants. As the only safety net, or “public” hospital in the city with a kidney transplant, cutting this vital lifeline that SUNY Downstate’s University Hospital provides would be a devastating blow… Any plans for SUNY Downstate must ensure support for SUNY patients who are listed/or are in the process of being listed to obtain a transplant… and robust financial support is necessary.” – Karina Albistegui Adler

Subscribers can read more via NY Daily News.

Learn more about NYLPI’s Transplant Equity campaign here.

Photo: NYLPI and Make the Road advocates and peers demonstrate at a Transplant Equity Event

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