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Through our community-driven civil rights model we have developed a track record of successful legal expertise focused on health, disability, immigration, racial, and environmental justice. Some key community priorities and barriers defy simple categorization, fall between and across program areas and labels, and require multidisciplinary approaches and multi-year commitments. NYLPI does not shy away from these difficult problems; in fact, we seek them out to have the highest impact. Our commitment to Community Justice embodies NYLPI’s longstanding mission to engage in community lawyering that brings the full measure of our staff’s talents to meet priorities identified by our community partners.


We offer free legal representation to community organizations and groups of individuals fighting for a more just and equitable New York. Please call: (212) 244-4664, Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Fair Housing

Rapid gentrification in New York City has created an affordable housing crisis. People with disabilities and immigrants are at particular risk for discrimination.

Sports Equity

On average, Black and Latino students in New York City have access to far fewer teams and sports, and the city spends much less per student than for students of other races.


Physical education improves public health, reduces obesity, and improves focus and educational attainment.


More than 1 million students attend New York City’s public schools.

Healthy Homes

Deteriorating housing for low-income residents, both public and privately owned, poses serious health risks.


L.P. v. NYC Dept of Education

In this putative class action, NYLPI represents student-led organization IntegrateNYC and Black and Latino students denied access to NYC public high school sports.

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