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More than three million immigrants live in New York City. They helped weave the fabric of the City’s history and are critical to its future. Yet these communities face unjust and unlawful barriers to living, working, going to school, and accessing healthcare. Entrenched barriers based on immigration status leave hundreds of thousands without medical care. Government agencies routinely deny access to services based on language ability—often a form of discrimination based on national origin.

Changes to immigration policy and increased enforcement have created fear of accessing government services and critical medical care. Recently proposed revisions to the “public charge” rules are projected to cause significant pullback in community members’ using government health and food security programs – even for children – because eligible immigrants are afraid of risking their status. Drastically reduced federal civil rights enforcement has left our client communities more vulnerable to abuse.

NYLPI has a long commitment to immigrant justice and to addressing the challenges faced by immigrant communities. Notable successes include our coalition efforts that achieved Executive Order 26, a statewide language access policy that demands that state agencies that interact directly with the public translate vital public documents in the most common non-English languages and provide interpretation services, and SafeRx, a law requiring pharmacy and mail-order chains to provide translation and interpretation. Our class action litigation resulted in the New York City Transit Authority’s robust language access policy for Access-A-Ride, the City’s paratransit service for people with disabilities. Our current litigation challenges the human rights crisis in healthcare for people in immigration detention. We fight for healthcare for undocumented uninsured immigrants with serious health conditions whose status should not bar access to health insurance and effective medical care. We will continue to adapt and respond to the rapid pace of changing needs of our immigrant communities.


If you are a person with a serious health condition and you are uninsured; in immigration detention; or denied language access at hospitals – we may be able to help.  Please also call us if you are have trouble accessing any government services because of language access.  Please call (212) 244-4664, Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Transplant Equity Campaign

Fair Housing

Rapid gentrification in New York City has created an affordable housing crisis. People with disabilities and immigrants are at particular risk for discrimination.

Health in Immigration Detention

Thousands of immigrant New Yorkers receive abysmal health care in immigrant detention facilities in and around the City.


As part of the Coverage 4 All Coalition Steering Committee, we pursue health coverage for all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status.


For the 250,000 immigrant New Yorkers who are undocumented and uninsured, access to healthcare is deeply limited.


Sosa v. Hudson County

Bonilla v. Hudson County

The family of Carlos Bonilla, a father of four who died from internal bleeding in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention, has filed a lawsuit against Hudson County and those responsible for his medical care while he was confined to immigration detention at Hudson County Correctional Center.

Jorge v. NYC Transit Authority

For years, the New York City Transit Authority refused to make Access-A-Ride available to people with disabilities who had limited English proficiency.

Charles v. United States

Charles v. United States is a federal lawsuit against the United States for failing to provide mental health discharge planning to an individual with diagnosed mental illnesses who was confined to immigration detention.

Charles v. Orange County

Charles v. Orange County is a federal lawsuit challenging Orange County, New York’s unconstitutional “discharge and dump” policy targeted at New Yorkers with mental illness in immigration detention.



Access-A-Ride协议 將提供英語能力有限的申請人及紐約市紐約殘疾人輔助客運系統Access-A-Ride乘坐者翻譯服務。 點擊這裡:等級通知-的和解協議

Antant Jwenn Aksè Transpò a (Access-A-Ride)

Antant Jwenn Aksè Transpò a (Access-A-Ride) Sèvis Tradiksyon ap disponib pou aplikan ak pasajè ki gen konpetans limite nan lang anglè lè yo resevwa sèvis Jwenn Aksè Transpò (Acess-A-Ride), ki se sistèm transpò adapte vil Nouyòk pou Nouyòkè ki andikape yo. Klike la...

Урегулирование Access-A-Ride

Урегулирование Access-A-Ride Подписчикам и клиентам Access-A-Ride, Сервиса социальных перевозок г. Нью-Йорк для ньюйоркцев с ограниченными возможностями, будут предоставляться услуги перевода. Подробнее: Уведомления Класса и Соглашение об...

Access-A-Ride 합의

Access-A-Ride 합의 뉴욕 시의 장애가 있는 이들을 위한 준공공교통수단, Access-A-Ride의 영어능력이 제한적인 신청자 및 이용자를 위한 번역 서비스가 제공될 예정입니다. 링크: 집단 공지 및 합의문

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