Providing Free Resources For Our Communities

December 27, 2023

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Providing Free Resources For Our Communities

At New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI), we are fueled by the belief that collective action and legal expertise can dismantle systemic barriers to justice.

In 2023, our team at NYLPI has been on the ground and in the thick of advocacy, participating in dozens of events and crafting more than 10 invaluable resources dedicated to disability, environmental, health, and immigrant justice that have reached more than 100,000 New Yorkers. We stood shoulder to shoulder in the #PeersNotPolice rally, offered a guiding hand at our free immigration screening clinic in partnership with Catholic Migration Services, and led dynamic conversations on climate policy integration.

Our webinars on critical topics, such as supportive housing and special education, have been instrumental in educating and empowering community members and organizations alike. Our unwavering commitment has shone a light on pressing issues from healthcare accessibility for TGNC/NB+ New Yorkers to disparities in air quality and organ transplants.

But our pursuit of equity goes beyond policy; it’s about the people whose lives are transformed by our collective efforts. Each educational resource shared, every legal clinic held, and every partnership forged amplifies the impact of our mission. This is the heartbeat of our advocacy — the connections that inspire and enable change.

As we prepare to step into the future, your support is pivotal. By donating to NYLPI, you’re not just contributing financially; you’re investing in a vision of a just society. We invite you to consider diverse forms of support, including non-cash assets like stocks, contributions from donor-advised funds, or through Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs). Your backing in any form magnifies our ability to serve those in need.We’re excited for you to join us at our upcoming events, whether it’s to engage in a thought-provoking panel, participate in an enlightening webinar, or unite with us at a rally. Together, let’s cultivate a year of unprecedented advocacy and community triumphs.

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