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CCIT-NYC, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response

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CCIT-NYC is a coalition of more than 80 mental health advocacy and other community organizations, consisting of hundreds of community stakeholders, working to transform how New York City responds to mental health crises. CCIT-NYC has proposed a mental health crisis response system that replaces police with teams of trained peer specialists and independent emergency medical technicians, based on input from two 100-plusmember community focus groups and a review of relevant research.

This page contains links and resources to learn more about the coalition, its proposal, and how it matches up against other proposed alternatives to police intervention. For more information about CCIT-NYC, visit


CCIT-NYC Proposal to Transform Mental Health Crisis Responses in New York City

CCIT-NYC Proposal Compared with ThriveNYC’s “B-HEARD” Proposal and City Council Proposal

[CW: POLICE BRUTALITY] Pictures of Individuals Killed by the NYPD While Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis



On Eve of City Budget Vote, Correct Crisis Intervention Today – NYC Holds Rally, Demands Funding for Non-Police Mental Health Crisis Response

Transforming NY’s Response to Mental Health Crises – Phase Two

Transforming NY’s Response to Mental Health Crises – Phase Three

Advocates Applaud Mayor’s $112M Mental Health Crisis Response Allocation, Yet Call for Complete Removal of Police and Urge Involvement of Peers and Affected Communities 

DJ Director Urges State Legislators to Adopt Model to Transform State Response to Mental Health Crises

NYLPI Condemns Yet Another Police Killing of Individual Experiencing Mental Health Crisis



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