Fact Sheet for People in Detention and their Advocates: The Right to Mental Health Discharge Planning

Health Justice, Health in Immigration Detention, Immigrant Justice

A man sits on a dark sidewalk with his hands over his eyes

Everyday people in the U.S. immigration detention system experience health and human rights violations, including inadequate medical care. Detained immigrants with a serious mental illness often face even more hardship. New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) has won federal civil rights cases on behalf of individuals with serious mental illnesses whom Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and county officials discharged from detention and dumped on the streets, without mental health discharge planning. NYLPI and Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) created this resource based on reported abuses in immigration detention, as well as documentation by PHR about unsafe medical discharge practices for detained people in hospitals, including the practice of medical repatriation (when a hospital returns an immigrant patient to their country of origin to avoid the cost of providing care). The fact sheet provides information on the right to mental health discharge planning and contains links for further resources, information, and support.


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