NYLPI Comprehensive Comment on the Fiscal Year 2025 Proposed Executive Budget

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Thank you, Chair Brannan and Finance Committee members for the opportunity to comment on the proposed FY2025 Executive Budget.

As you know, the Independent Budget Office (IBO) recently released an end of year analysis showing that the City will end up with a budget surplus of about $1.1 billion following multiple cuts to vital public services, understaffing of agencies that serve as our city’s social safety net and economic engine, and severe under- invest in proven solutions to systemic inequality and the monumental challenge of the climate crisis.

We thank Speaker Adams and the City Council for recognizing the immediate and long-term harms of the Mayor’s austerity programs, and for proposing restorations and expansions of vital social and economic programs and infrastructure investments that will make our communities more equitable, sustainable, and healthy.

To this end, we are pleased to offer the following priorities to advance health justice, environmental justice, and disability justice in New York City.

Download the full document below.


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