Testimony of Eman Rimawi-Doster on Bringing Masks Back

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A man wearing a mask looks at his phone while riding the subway.

My name is Eman Rimawi-Doster. I’m from New York Lawyers from a Public Interest. As a member of the Access-A-Ride Reform Group (AARRG!), we are concerned and troubled that you won’t bring back masks mandates.

I don’t have any other options. Access-A-Ride is my ride. You keep thinking I have a choice. I don’t! So you are putting me in danger when I have to go somewhere by not mandating masks.

We represent people with disabilities across New York City – the very people who are most at risk for severe complications from COVID. Myself included! I have to do more chemo in a few months and I’ll be using AAR to get to NY Presbyterian, if y’all even show up! And you haven’t been showing up at all lately!  By the way.  I haven’t even heard a response about my complaints!  By the way.

COVID isn’t over but you all keep acting like it is. I’ll be at risk bcus most drivers don’t wear masks. And I open the windows, even on cold days, because I don’t want to catch COVID! I did catch RSV during Thanksgiving and I wouldn’t want to give that to anyone, so my husband and I stayed in the house for weeks, working from home and isolating. Because we care!

But with the mask mandate lifted, we face the unimaginable choice between risking our lives and going back to isolating in our homes. And I don’t want to put myself at risk simply because I have to be somewhere!

I hope folks are paying attention to all the famous people my age (I’m 38) who have been dropping dead lately. They had Covid in 2020. I’m not trying to go out like that! I already have enough health issues. I don’t need a ticking time bomb of COVID that’ll erupt in a year. I’ve already had 4 heart attacks, strokes, paralysis and amputations, with no COVID involved. Please think about people like me!

Bring masks back!


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