Ruth Lowenkron Submitted Testimony to the NY City Council Committees on Education and Public Safety

November 20, 2023

Disability Justice, Health Justice, News, Special Education, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response

Photo of a student writing with a pencil on a desk scattered with books and classroom materials.

Ruth Lowenkron, director of Disability Justice at NYLPI, submitted testimony regarding necessary amendments to City Council Int. 0003-2022, which seeks to regulate responses to students in emotional crisis in public schools.

“Incredibly, the New York Police Department (NYPD) utilizes the same procedures – including handcuffing — for responding to students in emotional crisis as it does for arresting students suspected of having engaged in criminal activities. Under what best practice, let alone ethical canon, do we contemplate handcuffing students who are experiencing a health crisis? Only those who are trained in de-escalation practices should respond to a mental health crisis, and the most appropriate individuals to receive such training are peers (those with lived mental health experience) and health care providers.”

Read Ruth’s full testimony here.

Learn more about NYLPI’s campaign, Transforming Mental Health Crisis Response.

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