Senior Staff Attorney Christopher Schuyler Suggests Improvements for DOT’s Strategic Plan on Accessible Transportation

March 10, 2021

Community Justice, Disability Justice, News

Christopher SchuylerSenior Staff Attorney with the Disability Justice Program, addressed the United States Department of Transportation’s Strategic Plan on Accessible Transportation, praising its larger goals and providing critical feedback on how the plan could improvePresented as “a unified vision for progress in accessible transportation that will guide the Department’s efforts in fiscal years 2021-2025,” the plan emphasizes the “complete trip” for people with disabilities, meaning that all riders should “be able to travel from their starting point to their destination spontaneously and independently, being able to navigate sidewalks, intersections, transit facilities, rail stations, vehicles, and all other parts of the transportation network with ease and confidence.”

NYLPI underscored the importance of the “complete trip” and drove home the need to improve 1) availability of wheelchair accessible vehicles among the country’s rideshare fleet, including companies like Uber and Lyft, 2) availability of accessible bikeshare and e-scooter options, which are on the rise to address “micromobility” concerns, and 3) the fact that elevator installations at rail and bus stations, without other accessibility improvements and features, do not ensure accessibility for people with disabilities. 

Read Schuyler’s full comment, here. 

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