Streetsblog NYC: Companies Seeking to Shirk Responsibility for Harmful Vehicle Emissions Shouldn’t Get Away With It

May 13, 2024

CLCPA, Climate and Energy Justice, Community Justice, Disability Justice, Environmental Justice, Health Justice, Media Coverage, News

A photo of New York City traffic, viewed from the bumper of many taxis and cars waiting at an intersection

Suhali Méndez, Policy and Legislative coordinator at NYLPI, was featured in Streetsblog NYC regarding transport companies trying to evade a 52-year-old law about vehicle idling. Several large companies are vowing to electrify their fleet in the future but are seeking major exemptions in the meantime, which could have disastrous results for communities on their routes.

Brinks, Garda and IBI pledged to electrify just 48 percent, 34 percent and 14 percent of their fleets in exchange for the right to idle on city streets with impunity, according to their variance requests posted online by DEP on Wednesday.

“When a vehicle idles, it releases very harmful pollutants in the air,” said Suhali Méndez from New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. “Even once the smoke clears, there is very, very harmful particulate matter that causes cardiac as well as respiratory issues.”

Read more via Streetsblog NYC.

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