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Text reads: NY Needs Coverage for All! Hashtag Coverage For All

Gov. Hochul: Use $9 Billion Surplus to Pay for Health Coverage for All New Yorkers

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For years, the NYC Public School Athletic League (PSAL) has allocated more sports teams with greater variety to schools with a higher population of white students. In 2018, NYLPI sued the Department of Education (DOE) and the PSAL challenging this discriminatory system which provides far less access to after school sports to Black and Latinx students. After a full year pause of PSAL sports due to COVID-19, the DOE has announced it is bringing back PSAL sports for a spring/summer season, starting this month. The PSAL program for the spring/summer season appears to be one that will exacerbate the inequities in access to sports for Black and Latinx students across the City.


Governor Cuomo has proposed changes to New York’s Mental Hygiene Law that would severely limit the autonomy of people with mental disabilities and further reduce their rights to due process. The amendments – FY 2022 New York State Executive Budget, Health and Mental Hygiene, Article VII Legislation, Part AA — would make it easier to force a person into emergency psychiatric hospitalization and outpatient treatment. As mental health experts have said time and time again, forced treatment does not work, and yet that is exactly what the proposed amendments would do.

Tell the Mayor and City Council to Prioritize #MentalHealthCareNotPolice!

NYLPI and Correct Crisis Intervention Today-NYC (CCIT-NYC) are asking the Mayor and the City Council to redirect $3.3 million in NYPD funding to a critical pilot project – starting in two high-needs NYC precincts – that would divert mental health crisis calls away from law enforcement and to special mental health teams consisting of a peer (a person with lived mental health experience) and an emergency medical technician (EMT). The pilot, modeled after the highly successful CAHOOTS program in Oregon, would finally deliver a public health response to the 200,000 calls the City receives annually for mental health crises. Please contact City leadership to demand funding for this important pilot in the FY21 NYC Budget. #MentalHealthCareNotPolice

Tell Congress, Make the EPA Do its Job

The EPA is using the COVID-19 pandemic as a cover to roll back rules, giving an “open license to pollute” by refusing to enforce measures that safeguard our air and water. Tell Congress: Make the EPA do its job! 

Tell the Mayor and the City Council to #SaveOurCompost!

The proposed NYC budget would eliminate all of our public food scrap recycling programs including community drop-off sites and brown-bin curbside collection. The City Council can still stop us from going backward on Zero Waste, climate change, and the dozens of workers who process our compost. Please join us and submit your comments as part of today’s public hearing on the budget.

Demand #NYCBudgetJustice from the Mayor and City Council

Our city faces interrelated crises from COVID-19, mass unemployment, and continued systemic racism. Take action with NYLPI and our allies and call on our Council Members and Mayor to deliver budget justice – reallocating part of the ballooning NYPD budget to invest in core services for communities instead.  Email the Mayor, your Council Member, and members of the City Council Budget Negotiating Team to shift at least $1 billion from the enormous NYPD budget to the social services, environmental, education, and health programs that our City needs now more than ever.

Health Care For All

New York has a healthcare system that is discriminating against 400,000 New Yorkers. Let’s change that.

Let’s Pass The Climate & Community Protection Act

Let’s move New York to 100% renewable energy, invest in our most vulnerable communities, and create hundreds of thousands of good, green jobs. 

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