Testimony: City and MTA Resiliency and Preparation for Storms

September 22, 2021

Environmental Justice, News

Picture of New York City subway station entrance

The devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Ida across NYC is likely no longer an anomaly. Worsening climate change, coupled with inadequate infrastructure, puts New Yorkers – particularly New Yorkers of color in environmental justice communities – in emergency situations that can uproot lives long beyond several days of rainfall. This is not the first time New York City’s sewer systems have been overwhelmed, whether by infrastructure deficiencies, record-breaking storms, or both in combination.

NYLPI Legal Director Hayley Gorenberg testified at the September 14 joint oversight hearing of the New York City Council Committees on Transportation, Environmental Protection and Resiliency and Waterfronts, addressing the urgent need for storm resiliency and preparation, and applying expertise gleaned over the course of NYLPI’s Sewage Legal Assistance Project.

“Again and again, climate disasters will hit these communities first and worst; but if our government addresses their needs, the City will be uplifted, and everyone will be safer.” 

Read the full testimony here.

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