THE CITY: NYLPI’s Kyra Armstrong Responds to Missing Deadlines for A Renewable Rikers

February 6, 2023

Community Justice, Environmental Justice, Health Justice, Media Coverage, News, Renewable Rikers, Waste Equity

Photo of Renewable Rikers rally


NYLPI Staff Attorney Kyra Armstrong was interviewed for The City regarding the unmet progress towards the long slated Rikers Island transformation plan. Other council members, climate advocates and coalition members of Renewable Rikers pointed out that several key promises have not been met.

“Using a facility as ‘storage’ or another non-use allowable through the mayor’s [discretion] is a gross way to circumvent the city’s obligation under the law. The lack of transfers is delaying the much-needed transformation of the land from a torture chamber to a renewable energy hub that will benefit communities that have historically been burdened by environmental racism.”

Read more at The City.

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